Hollywood Pitch

From Paper to the Big Screen

Price | £60

Have you ever considered — for even a moment — that your book would make an awesome
television series or Hollywood film?

With Hollywood Pitch, we’ll create a concise synopsis and critical analysis of your book that will be
placed in a Hollywood database where industry writers, agents, actors, directors and producers will be
able to access it.

If after reviewing your Hollywood Pitch the producing clients decides not to engage on your project,
your work will still be available to others with the database.

Here’s what we’ll do:

Before we enter your book into the Hollywood Database, we’ll prepare your coverage — an industry-
standard format used for identifying viable new material. Your coverage will consist of two main
elements, written by a professional editor:

A thorough synopsis highlighting the main characters and events in your story
a critical analysis that addresses your e-book’s key story points and discusses how your book might
best be adapted for the screen

Once your coverage is prepared, it will be considered for TV or movie adaption by the entertainment
database. If any interest arises in working with you, they will directly contact you to explain their plan
of action to gauge your interest.

Your Hollywood Pitch will be fulfilled by an independent industry professional who does similar
evaluations for the major agencies and studios within the entertainment industry.

Titan InKorp has no input regarding the critical analysis your book receives and we cannot guarantee
results the evaluation will yield. This service is a simple foot in the door service to major entertainment
companies with no guarantees.

Simply fill in the form to you right and we’ll take care of the rest.

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