Referral Rewards

We feel that it is time to give a little something back, which is why we are now introducing our referral rewards on all our current deals. So how does it work? If you refer an author to take out one of our deals, they will mark you down on the form as their referral, in return we will give you a FREE promo graphics banner and promote your book on our Indie Books section. The more you refer the more books you can have on our Indie Books section and of course build up FREE promo graphics for future use on future releases. This is just our way of saying thank you.

New Services Coming Soon

We are continuing our campaign to provide you with everything possible which is why another 3 new services are already in development. First up we will soon be launching the brand new Audio Service meaning we will be able to turn your book into a full audible format. Second in line we will be introducing the brand new Exclusive service known as The Feature Film. This service will turn your book into a full length production. Finally Our graphics department have been busy in preparing another great service which will be Logo Design. This will be available to authors and individuals within the writing world.


New Services Now Active

We have been very busy preparing our brand new services and are now happy to announce that they are now finally here. First up we have the brand new Indie Support which is dedicated to helping authors with advice, concerns and general questions. This feature is a free service to all authors.

Another great new feature we have added is our brand new Payment Plan option. This has been designed for those who may be experiencing financial issues and really need the service they require for their work. What makes this new feature extra special is the fact that there is a 0% interest plus the author decides on how much they can pay back with 3 options available. This feature is a must to check out.

Finally we have launched another exclusive service known as Illustration where you can have your very own unique design created by our very talented staff.


Self Publishing Platform Reality

Recently we ran a poll on our Twitter account to decide the fate on the royalty rate for our self publishing platform. The votes came in and indie authors made the final decision that the rate will be set at 90%.

So what was the initial plan? Well quite simply we had an idea and wanted to turn that idea into a reality. A new self publishing platform for indie authors but one that will offer more choice and key features. Here is a list of said features that we plan on introducing:

  • 2 hour uploading to live limit (maximum)
  • Weekly payments instead of monthly
  • No price fixtures
  • Unlimited promotions

Those are just a few of the key features planned for this platform. Now a question which has been asked often, how long until it is ready? To be clear, we can’t answer that at this stage, but rest assured the wheels are already in motion. We’ll keep you updated.


Clothing Range

So yes we did it again, always thinking outside the box and new ways to expand for our authors. So what have we done this time, well we have launched an online clothing store where our contracted authors will be offered to opt in for a little extra royalty. We felt that this would go a long way and add something unique to the world of publishing, and after all, we are here to revolutionise that. If you want to check it out Click Here