Team Titan

We currently have a number of authors currently published with Titan InKorp, we are always looking to expand our team and help take authors to the next level.

Alice VL 

The Weeping Prince

Alan E Taylor

Coming Soon

Alexander Kavalier


A Living Ghost

More People Write Poetry Than Read It

Amanda Steel

Coming Soon

Ann Grove

Coming Soon

P Bean

Aquiline and The Circle of Stones: The Battle Within

C J Austin

Eye of the Synn

The Paranormal Files


Mythical Series 1

Hidden Darkness – NightClub

Hidden Darkness: Dark of Night

Callie Hunter


Cheryl Butler

Coming Soon

D W Morris


Danielle Taylor

Letting Go

Where the Streets have no Name

Crash into Me

Falling for You

Captive at Christmas

Intimate Strangers: Captive Hearts Series

Eddie Mann

Coming Soon

Fiona J Roberts

A Sequence of Events

Taylor Macneill

Coming Soon

George Roberts

Coming Soon

Heather Roberts


Joanna Lewis

Mr Egg Head & Friends

K R Steam

Coming Soon

Kags Black

Whatever Life Throws (Life Series Book 1)

In the Midst of a Year

Keira M. Belle

Coming Soon

Kerry Kaya

Coming Soon

Mark Mackey

Coming Soon

M E Ellington and Steve Ellington 

Coming Soon

Olivia Giangrande

Coming Soon

P Eason

Boris the Spider

Piper St James

Coming Soon

Rob Osbourne

On the Edge

Shaun Bray

Coming Soon

Sonya C Dodd

Don’t Tell Me You’re Sorry

Susan Conway

Coming Soon

Tara Devaney-Thompson

Coming Soon

Tia Day

Coming Soon

Tom Ufert

Political Craps

Travis Frey

Coming Soon

William Joseph

Coming Soon