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Author Alice VL

When it comes to authors there is no telling where their limits end, but for Alice, her limits are endless.

Her work is truly inspirational and creative and we have had the distinct honour of representing Alice. The work she has produced has been so far impressive to the point where silence was only given as a compliment to her work.

Here is just a little taste of what is to come from Alice:

The Weeping Prince

Scarlett Rose was seventeen, and the only daughter of Joe Horak, the well-known and well-respected Pastor of Carmel, and his wife Lily.

>From the moment Scarlett Rose met Blade Bannister, she was no longer the quiet, disciplined young girl that was raised under Pastor Joe\’s strict, and often unrealistic rules.

She rebelled against her father and she rebelled against her Church. She fearlessly questioned him and his religion. Blade Bannister was everything her father hated.

Scarlett Rose fell for the boy from the wrong side of the tracks whose broken and shattered family had been at war with the Horaks for centuries.

Join Scarlett Rose as she discovers the truth about her Weeping Prince, and the mortal sin Pastor Joe was frantic to hide.

“Well written, great detail it really makes you feel the place that it’s set. Lovely character descriptions without being tedious.”

“A nice love story, which makes you root for the 2 main characters.”

” I want to see this as a film. I need to watch it.”


Afterlight I – FIRST LIGHT

When Misty-Bleu found him many years later on a park bench on the grounds of the Coral Hill Oncology Center, she had no way of knowing that they both were about to step into a first-light, and that nothing afterwards, would ever be as it seems.

As Misty-Bleu unwittingly navigates her way through her first-light, William is forced to trick the stars, and deceive the universe into thrusting them both into a half-light existence. He had seized her into a world he had created for them to subsist in when the stars, he was convinced, had made a fatal mistake.

He was not ready to let her go. He was not ready to hand his heart over to the stars. He was not ready to lose her in either worlds, and he was not ready for someone else to love her.

“A story about love lost and you really want to know what happens even though you know its going to be a tear jerker.”

“Beautifully written”

With her beautifully written words we are proud to represent Alice in her new journey with only good things to come. Alice’s creativity, passion and honesty succeeds through life. A caring mother. A doting wife. An author who never realised her dreams could come true.

“I have had many conversations with Alice and you couldn’t wish for a more honest and decent person. You can feel her energy and passion that she has for writing and I know she has the full potential to go far” Chief Executive

So as we look forward to Alice making her debut we hope you are ready for something different, exciting and vibrant.