A professional safety net to catch them little mistakes

Price | £0.006 / $0.009 per word

Our leading head of the proofreading department will carefully examine your manuscript whilst building a report page by page. When manuscripts are under proofreading the department will look for the very specific and detailed specifications that the company has set out for them. Normally your manuscript is proofed twice before a report is sent back to you highlighting any possible errors including language barriers.

A list of checks are shown below:-

  • Typing errors / grammatical errors / misspellings

  • Consistency of style

  • Ambiguity and unclear meaning

  • Best use of grammar

  • Logical content and structure

  • Suitability for the intended audience

Once the proofreading process is complete a copy of the report is then sent to our editing team along with your manuscript. In this department our dedicated and professional team will carefully read through the report given to them before making the necessary changes. Before the final editing stage is made you will be sent a copy of the edited manuscript, when you approve of the changes then the editing department will no longer use your manuscript and will therefore be deleted from our system. If however you would still like more changes to your script you will be given a 2 week period from when you received the edited manuscript to request changes, if however after those 2 weeks have passed and you decide you would like changes then you will have to re-submit your manuscript which may carry a possible charge unless sent within the 2 week time frame after edit.

This particular process will take between 4-6 weeks for completion however longer periods may come into effect depending on current editorial work.

This service will also include an honest book review of your manuscript to which you may use for any purpose. Please be advised that this review will come once your manuscript has been through the editing department.

Each now includes an honest book review emailed to you once editing has been completed