It’s better to have someone double check it.

Price | £36 / $50

Our leading head of the proofreading department will carefully examine your manuscript whilst building a report page by page. When manuscripts are under proofreading the department will look for very specific and detailed specifications that the company has set out for them.

Normally your manuscript is proofed twice before a report is sent back to you highlighting any possible errors including language barriers. Once you have received your report it will then be followed by a professional and honest review of your manuscript. This means you may use the review for any marketing purposes once received. All reviews and reports have to go through authorisation first before being sent back to you.

This process normally takes between 2-6 weeks depending on the volume of submissions. However if you require your manuscript to be proofread in a specific time frame, then you may request to enter on our priority list. This is only for those who are on a strict time limit and must be approved by the company director before entering on the list.

It’s easy to request your own time frame. Just contact us with your details and specifications and we will endeavour to meet your requirements.