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 Broken by Donna Siggers

Broken is the first in a series of thrillers featuring Katie-Ann Warwick and Sam Cooper. We join this dynamic duo as their relationship heats up and they have reason to work together once again. Drawing on Sam’s undercover experience to trace a kidnapped woman, Kate’s friend and old colleague, they have every reason to suspect she’s at the mercy of a prisoner who has just escaped – Carl Ashbeck. Ashbeck has Kate on his agenda and very much in his sights. Will Sam and Kate get the break they need or will the corruption within London’s Metropolitan police hold them back? And, will Sam’s past cast a shadow on the investigation?

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 Godwine Kingmaker by Mercedes Rochelle

Harold Godwineson, the Last Anglo-Saxon King, owed everything to his father. Who was this Godwine, first Earl of Wessex and known as the Kingmaker? Was he an unscrupulous schemer, using King and Witan to gain power? Or was he the greatest of all Saxon Earls, protector of the English against the hated Normans? The answer depends on who you ask. He was befriended by the Danes, raised up by Canute the Great, given an Earldom and a wife from the highest Danish ranks. He sired nine children, among them four Earls, a Queen and a future King. Along with his power came a struggle to keep his enemies at bay, and Godwine\’s best efforts were brought down by the misdeeds of his eldest son Swegn. Although he became father-in-law to a reluctant Edward the Confessor, his fortunes dwindled as the Normans gained prominence at court. Driven into exile, Godwine regathered his forces and came back even stronger, only to discover that his second son Harold was destined to surpass him in renown and glory.

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 Seduced By Winter by K.R. Steam

Ever make a mistake and wish you didn’t? That’s not what this book is about. Hey, I’m Jack. I got asked out by my boss without realizing it. She makes me do things I would never agree to doing with anyone else and things kind of spiral out of control. We lose track of each other and then fall back into each other’s arms during the dead of winter. She’s almost dead in my arms and I become her hero.

Not only does this book have the short version but it also has a second part at the end that gives you all the details after the story ends that you’re dying to know.

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 The Stray by Amelia Stark

She has a troubled past. He is recovering from losing the love of his life

No matter how hard Jennifer Lloyd tries to fit in at the advertising agency, she continually falls afoul of the company’s strict regulations. A brilliant young graphic artist, she rails against authority, is late for work and arrives wearing unsuitable clothes for a high-end company like BH&E.

Millionaire, Christopher Casey is a non-executive director at the agency and is charged with deciding Jennifer’s future. He can see that the 21-year-old artist is an exciting raw talent, but he is concerned that her poor record is going to destroy her burgeoning career.

Christopher is struck by the young woman’s bubbly character and cheeky attitude. She clearly has other issues, but he is stymied when she refuses to reveal a single thing about her private life.

Worried she’s sleeping rough on the streets, he takes matters into his own hands and hires a private investigator…

What will he do when he discovers her secrets?

Will the knowledge dull his strong desires, or increase them?

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 Ascension: Birthright Book 1 by L Fergus


KITA is a young, lesbian noblewoman openly practicing with swords in a society that doesn\’t allow women in combat. COMMANDER ANGUS, commander of the Legion, comes to her family castle to draft her into the Legion as his junior commander. Her father, DUKE LOGINE, dissents but is persuaded by his wife, DUCHESS LOGINE.
Before a goodbye banquet for Kita, Duchess Logine reveals that she comes from a place called Arcone, and Kita is to be made a Rose, a warrior diplomat, if she can pass the Proving Ritual.
At the ritual, Kita is pitted against ZIDIN. She loses the first two rounds badly. She changes to her assassin fighting form, a fighting technique she\’s secretly learned. She brutally beats Zidin. The fight reveals that Kita is a berserker, which makes her stronger, faster, and brings out her psychotic evil side. Zidin accuses Kita of cheating. Kita beats Zidin again, this time honor swearing him to serve her.
The light of flames awakens Kita and Zidin. Linking up with Commander Angus and Duchess Logine, they search for Duke Logine, only to find him dying in the hands of a barbarian. Duke Logine\’s last words are to call Kita a monster. Her father\’s last words leave Kita questioning who she is. Zidin tells her she is not a monster, but a fallen angel, a creature who uses her evil for good. Duchess Logine refuses to leave the dying Duke Logine, ordering the others to escape via the sewers. Commander Angus leads them underground with the destination of Razor\’s Pass, where the Legion army is supporting the King\’s army against a ravager invasion.
They stop at a Legion Administrative Center, where Kita is enlisted into the Legion. She experiences the advanced technology hidden by the Legion for the first time. On the way to Outpost Twenty-Four, an overwhelming group of ravager elves attacks. Angus holds them off so Kita and Zidin can escape, but Angus disappears. Kita follows Angus’ orders and goes to Outpost Twenty-Four.
Kita finds Outpost Twenty-Four a disgraceful mess. Kita does her best to show that she is in charge and can lead. She meets the Legion officers and asserts herself as their leader by firing the lead general. Kita directs that she is the acting commander until Angus is found.
On the journey to Razor\’s Pass, Kita can\’t fight the urge to go a different direction. She discovers a hidden facility containing an ancient AI. The AI tells Kita it wants to join with her. It tells Kita about the ravagers threatening Razor\’s Pass. The AI installs a chip in Kita\’s head and copies itself to it, concurrently upgrading her body with special abilities and augmentations.
The group spends a night at an inn near Razor\’s Pass. Kita passes the night practising her new abilities and reflecting on past ghosts. The final ghost is Duke Cunningham. She admits she doesn’t have the power to stop him now, but someday no one will rival her power.

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 NaughtyNice_BedFun! Futa by Sophia Phoenix

In the first installment of The Very Dirty Nerd War series, Sone Siho and his girlfriend, futunari porn star Uta Lexer are followed by INTERPOL Detective Constable Janna Samma and International Broadcast Corporation journalist Jeet Seth.

Sone is wanted for questioning about a series of incidents involving the wildly popular sexpet robot when a plot on his life is revealed.

The Very Dirty Nerd War is a series of erotically charged, science fiction short stories set in the near future designed to appeal to fans of both genres.

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 Snatch Girl by L J Kane

Girl missing. What if you’re with her all the way to the end? Will Ellie survive? Would you? Snatched from her sadistic captor’s lair by his own getaway driver, eighteen-year-old student Ellie realises that she’s still kidnapped. As the enigmatic Darren Broderick drives off into the night with the terrified girl beside him, the sadistic Jon Braddon is not far behind. Thrown together, on opposing sides, Darren and Ellie must stay one step ahead of Braddon’s twisted mind, and Ellie must resist Darren’s Aussie charms to the end. Darren Broderick needs the ransom. Braddon needs a victim. And he will fight to the death to get her back.

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 The Gargoyle Redemption Trilogy by Bria Lexor

A rising star…
Shinka Fox is an up-and-coming teenage Pop Star who’s struggling to fit in at school. Little does she know, her not-so-ordinary life is about to be turned upside down when she meets Abel Lapis, an attractive young man who harbors a secret that could change her world forever.
A dangerous gift…
But Abel isn’t the only one with a secret. Shinka has something that an underground group known as The Hunters wants, and will do anything to get. Will Shinka survive long enough to see her career take flight? And will the mysterious Abel Lapis help save her?
The Gargoyle Redemption Trilogy is romance author Bria Lexor’s debut into the world of Paranormal Suspense, where she takes her readers on a fast-paced ride of mystery, romance, and all things dark and powerful.

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 Crimson Savior by Bria Lexor

Zyra Falls is a young girl who is thrust into the vampire lifestyle. Not only is she a Stregoni Benefici but she is also hell’s Guardian, a Super Heroine Vampire who is sent out to protect the innocent Lugat from the evil Varacolaci. Can she fulfill her destiny, or will she die trying to be a super hero?

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 Beyond Dreams by Andreea Pryde

Ariana is a 17-year-old student, popular among humans, hated by animals and with almost zero interest for boys. Her relationships always came out of boredom, and it was all because a dream she had since childhood. A dream about a man covered by shadows who protects her from flames.

Michael was forced to live in the jungle for a long time, having only the company of his carer. After many years he returned to the civilized world. He enrolled in high school and is trying to lead a normal life. He did not expect to make any friends, as the dark rumors around him appear from the second day of school, but Ariana is ready to accept him for who he is, without batting an eye.

Ariana is intrigued by his wild eyes, and not only. He also seems to hide a very sweet disposition behind that wildness.

Or so she thought…

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 Hiding Behind Love by Karly Morgan

Sometimes running away lands you right where you belong.

Desperate. Afraid. Determined. My name is Carissa and so far my life until this point has been all about pleasing others. My father controlled everything about my life, right down to the smallest detail…until he demanded that do I the one thing I could never live with. Unwilling to listen to reason, he left me with no other choice but to run. Now I’m in the middle of nowhere with the hottest rancher I’ve ever seen making my panties melt right off my body.

Kolton Reed’s well-muscled physique and obvious alpha-male persona makes my mouth water, thoughts of running disappear, and more cowboy fantasies than I’ve ever considered before race through my mind. Instead of continuing to run like I should have, I’m now facing forging a new path in life, breaking free of my father’s rein by entering into a rushed marriage.

With so many factors in play—my father’s unrelenting pursuit to get what he wants, dealing with a husband who has no intentions of getting married in the first place, and undeniable passion burning between Kolton and me—I need to take control of my life once and for all. All I need to do is figure how…

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 The Dennis Bisskit Adventures by Stephen Ainly

Meet Dennis Bisskit, short, ginger-haired, kind hearted, game for anything. Gasp at the great holiday camp, knobbly-knees scandal of 1955. Be amazed as Dennis attempts to win back the world mile record, for Queen and country. Discover Fosdyke\’s Department Store, and the all powerful, Mrs. Ricketts!! Shed a tear as Dennis visits the battlefields of France with his granddad. And, meet the memorable Colour Sergeant Plunkett, who teaches Dennis everything he needs to know about the army, and finally makes a man of him.

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 Time Will Tell by Scarlett Wells 

When Emmett helps Viola on her first day of kindergarten, a friendship is forged. As the years pass, their friendship blossoms. But fate tears them apart just as they are discovering their true feelings for one another. Can their love survive time, distance, and the challenges life throws at them? Only time will tell.

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 Eye on the Ball (Playing for Glory Book 1) by Francine Beaton

Top professional rugby player Jakes du Plessis desperately wants to keep his team’s vow of celibacy in order to win the new International Rugby Club Competition, but he didn’t count on meeting ethereal artist, Angie Summers. Even a promise to his friends and teammates, demons from his past, and a distance of more than 9000 miles, could not stop Jakes from falling in love with Ange.

In the end, it took teamwork, perseverance, and a whole lot of groveling by Jakes for them to overcome these obstacles and find their happily ever after.

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