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 My Dear Authors,

Don’t ever gift your work direct to folks on Amazon. Have someone not related to you do the gifting.Amazon considers that payment for a review,  even if you ever gift someone an Amazon gift card and then that person ever reads and reviews any of your books.

Amazon will remove the reviews.  Be very careful and READ Amazon’s terms about it.

I lost 50% of my reviews years ago from this.  I used to play in events in hopes of winning books and gift cards. IT WAS ALL IN FUN! Never remembered who gifted me stuff though.  I fought high as I could go,  Amazon legal,  they refused to put back those reviews.  I won’t participate in events anymore because of it.  They told me if I put my reviews back that they took down they would remove my ability to write reviews.

Also,  if Amazon THINKS you are friends with anyone who writes a review or a family member writes a review of your work they will remove.

Make sure your Amazon account isn’t set to ANY social media.MANY authors have lost reviews from this and I don’t want this to happen to you!


1. PURCHASE their work from a legitimate sales site.
2. REVIEW their work, without giving storyline away, on Goodreads and site you purchased from. Reviews don’t need to be long.
3. FOLLOW Authors pages on the legitimate sales site, Goodreads AND Facebook.
4. MARK HELPFUL the 4 and 5 star reviews.
5. DON’T TOUCH reviews less than 4 stars.
6. RECOMMEND their work to others.
7. INVITE your book friends to like Authors pages on Facebook.
8. JOIN newsletters and ask to join street teams of Authors you love. Doing so will keep you informed of their upcoming work AND help them get word out about their work.
9. BE KIND AND RESPECTFUL always as their work is precious to them,  their babies.
These are SUCH important acts you can do to help support authors!
Here’s wishing you much success,
Tracey Quintin, a devoted reader and helper in the book community