Book to Screenplay

Having a book written into a screenplay and then if it makes it onto the big screen, can really have a positive effect on book sales, which is the goal of every author and publisher. At Titan InKorp, we can make that a possibility for you. The beginning process is first for us to understand who your characters are, where they come from, what drives them through the story? What are their needs? What is standing in their way for what they want? Will they move heaven and hell to get it? And what, if anything will they have learned at the end of it all?
Once we have that locked down, we can create a script. One thing to understand as an author though is this. Not everything in your book will end up in the screenplay. Most likely, only about 20-30% will. Unless it’s a short story that is. Not so much if it’s an 800-page novel though. Writing a full feature film isn’t an easy task. Creating something from nothing is hard work as you would know being an author. But, what makes it not as hard, is when, the world, along with characters, have already been created. A full feature films range from 46 minutes and can last as long as two and a half hours, and even longer sometimes. But average is 90 minutes. One page of script is equal to 1 minute on film.

At Titan InKorp our prices for a feature script are $40.00 per page, with a minimum of 46 pages. The final quoted price will be invoiced.

We look forward to help turning your masterpiece first into a screenplay, then into
a feature film.